Quick Diagnose A Gas Dryer

What to do if the Gas Dryer isn’t Heating?

First thing to do when you’re having heating issues with a gas dryer is, go to the very front of the clothes dryer, if you look down at the bottom in the front of the dryer you will see a little square, you can pop that out and then it becomes of viewing hole so you could see inside to where the flame sensor, combustion chamber, and the flame igniter is.

(FYI, That’s not me in this picture lol )

Once you remove the square turn the dryer on, then get down and look through the window for about 45 -60 Seconds. Do you see an orange glow and then shortly after a fire?

Did your Glow Igniter Glow but the Fire didn’t Light?

Glow Igniter Didn’t Glow at All?

If your Dryers Glow Igniter does not glow, It’s most likely one of 3 things:

  • Thermal Fuse
  • Glow Igniter
  • Control Board or Timer

If your gas dryer gets hot only for a few minutes and then shuts off, then its one of two things:

Gas Valve Coil

High Limit Thermostat

That was easy enough right? Knowing and referencing this information Greatly simplifies your dryer repair significantly.

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