Broken Appliance Removal

Fed up with an Appliance on the Fritz?

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Considering buying a major appliance or picked one up during Boxing Week sales? We kick off 2015 by revealing five secrets appliance makers might prefer you didn’t know.

Wondering why your new appliances just don’t last like they used to?

Can you find your own repairman or do you have to deal with the company directly?

Who do you have to deal with?

Before you buy, make sure to ask what happens if you need a repair:

Broken Appliances?

Why you need repairs more often It’s the people vs. the appliance giants.

Are your pricey appliances breaking down faster and more frequently than ever?

Marketplace investigates why it’s so tough to get your appliances repaired in Canada.

We commission a national poll to get to the heart of your complaints:

which brand you tell us breaks down the most, how long you tell us your appliances last, and your frustrations searching for a fix.

Broken Appliances: Why you need repairs more

Plus we follow four Canadians with different busted appliances (dishwasher, fridges, washer) to see if their machines will be saved, or whether they will get trashed.

How to find the PART NUMBER or P/N on an Appliance Part?

When ordering a new appliance part it is CRUCIAL that you MATCH the part numbers identically..

If you take the part off, you can read the numbers off of the part up close.

Sometimes theres multiple numbers on the part and the appliance has dozens of numbers in many locations and its hard to know which ones you need.

If you arent using the number off the part %99 chance your going to order the wrong one.

Model numbers and Part numbers have to be exact matches – cross-references

For Example Almost “All” the control boards especially the whirlpool, kenmore, amana, roper, and maytag washing machine control boards, part number start with a WCW then followed ny more letters and numbers.

Often the part number is marked by a P/N or PN which is abbreviated for “Part Number”.

Make sure you get the number off of the part that needs replacing, not off of the door of the appliance.

Finding an appliance part number can Canadians collectively spend $4 billion every year on appliances, according to Statistics Canada.

While most consumers expect major purchases to last, it’s easy to get stuck with multiple or costly repairs.

be tricky and sometimes it makes you have to move the appliance, most times you dont have to move much, normally I repair them right where they are 9 times out of 10.

I don’t even disconnect the appliances while doing the repair… for you .. i recommend not doing it the way i do..



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