Washing Machine Repair: Water Issues

Washer have no Water, Slow Water, or Water won’t Shut Off? https://youtu.be/2Zc6NCTAF1U If your Top Load Washing Machine Has No Water Entering the basket Check The FollowingWater Inlet ValveFirst check the hoses that connect to the water inlet valve. Remove these completely there should be a metal screen in washer inlet vale(the thing the water […]

New Kenmore Washer Lid Lock Bypass

https://youtu.be/joopdlgMmaU The Kenmore washing machine lid lock is a safety switch that detects whether the washer lid is closed or not. A washing machine lid lock keeps children and pets pets. By law Kenmore has to put it on, … It keeps the appliance from activating with the door open. Washing Machine Lid LockThe washing […]

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