Dryer Repair Quick Guide

Check out some common causes if your dryer won’t heat or start, and learn how you can repair the problem yourself Effectively, Efficiently, and Expertly in no time with this quick guide.

Dryer won’t Heat

Main causes:

thermal fuse, high limit thermostat, heating element, gas valve coil, cycling thermostat, glow igniter

Dryer wont Start?

Main causes:

dryer door switch, belt, thermal fuse, motor, belt tensioner pulley, control board or timer

Dryer Wont Spin?

Main causes:

motor safety switch, belt, dryer door switch, motor, control board or timer

Dryer Makes Noises?

Main causes:

drum support glides, drum rollers, idler pulley, fan blade, bearing, motor

Dryer Wont Power On

Main causes:

blown thermal fuse, bad door switch, bad control board, bad power supply, broken belt

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