If Your Front Load Washing Machine is:

  • Not Spinning
  • Not Unlocking
  • Not Finishing Cycle
  • Not pulling water from Clothes
  • Clothes Coming Out Wet
  • Wont Open

Try this videos to fix it.

Washer still doesn’t spin or you’ve check the coin catcher filter then go here.

Cleaning out the drain pump

This video will walk you through cleaning out the drain pump on your GE front load washing machine.

Start with checking the water pump and coin catcher for a blockage.

Manufacturers recommend checking the coin catcher on the front load washing machines once every 3 months or so, water pumps are very common to go out.

Washer Won’t Spin but turns on?

Start here if your washing machine doesnt want to spin

if your washing machine has to be restarted a few times before it will start spinning.. Its the water pump.

Front Load Motor Repair Guide GE Washer

This video will walk you through testing your motor in your Ge Front load washer. Ge washing machine motors are a lot more complex than the average washer motor.

The washer motor even has a blinking light that will give you a code.

by blinking a pattern, you can then use the manual that’s hiding inside your washing machine somewhere to decipher the code and know exactly what’s wrong with the washer.

Washer Shake to Much?

Kenmore / Whirlpool Shock Replacement

We also have a tutorial below that shows other models. The front load washing machine shocks are interesting. They mimic hydraulic shocks in a way.

There are usually 4 Shocks underneath and 2 Springs on top that support and suspend the front load washing machine inside the cabinet.

Front Load Washer Water Pump Repair

This video walks you through the replacement of a drain pump in a front load washing machine. We also have a tutorial that covers other models.

The front load washing machine water pumps

can easily go out because they have a thin plastic opeller.

One nickel, dime or god forbid a quarter will destroy it in the first one or two hits. Many items you wouldn’t expect to go through the water pump go through!

You will find hair pins, rubber bands, jewelry, socks money, underwear!

The way the washer water pumps are positioned in the washing machine is so it can get a gravity feed of the water going to help push it out.

Washing machine water pumps can also go out slowly and can leave you guessing for awhile.

Sometimes the washing machine will work and sometimes it needs to be restarted a few times then it will start spinning again.

If you use to much laundry soap the suds will trick the sensor and it will will think there is still water inside and wont spin, if this happens usually the washer will allow you to start a new load.

Put the washer on rinse and spin and restart the cycle

rinse the rest of the soap out. If you have to much soap you can easily tell by looking through the door, if there is soapy bubbles on the glass then it may jut be the bubbles tricking the sensor.

Your washer Drains and Fills at the same time.

This video covers the common reasons your washer is draining and filling at the same time. When this happens its pretty easy to know its your control board.

Maytag front loader door problem Video

Is your door stuck closed? Are your clothes stuck inside? try this video

This video walks you through accessing the wax motor which is located on the door lock on your maytag washer.

This is one of the two most common problem in the front loader washers which is the door locking system.

Maytag Front load washer door switch repair

This video shows you how to remove the wax motor discussed in the previous video.

The door lock is known to go out 1-3 times

in the 5-10 year life span of the new washers.

Whirlpool Duet Cleaning Drain Pump

This video covers cleaning out the drain pump on a whirlpool duet sport and kenmore he3. This is a common cause of the f21 code.

Washer Moldy or is your door boot seal ripped? Replace it.

Like previously mentioned the water pump is the number one killer of washing machines.

How to Use a Multimeter

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If your FRONT LOAD washing machine turns on but doesn't spin. Try these videos to fix it.

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