Gas Dryer Not Heating? Quickly Diagnose It!

Did you just wake up and find out your dryer isn’t heating and the stupid thing didn’t dry your work clothes like it was supposed to?

  • Are your Clothes not Drying?
  • Are your Clothes Still Wet?
  • Is your Dryer Not Drying?
  • Will your Dryer Not Heat?
  • Is your Dryer Warm but not Hot?

If you’ve found yourself facing one of these issues and you have a gas dryer, then there’s good news. You can save yourself $100 in the next 20 mins by using this dryer diagnostic test that requires no tools, no experience and only 2-3 mins of your time.

Dryer Not Heating?

This section of our dryer repair guide is going to explain how to quickly narrow down the possibilities of what could be causing your gas dryer to not heat, this process is super simple and can be done by checking for a glow from the dryers glow igniter.

DIY/How to do Diagnose a Gas Dryer

Does my Dryer have a Burner Assembly View Port?

If your dryer lint screen is located on the top of your dryer, this guide will be very useful to you. The first thing you’re going to want to do is to locate the burner assembly viewport. (Sounds like a lot but its really just a little hole).


  • You will start the dryer like normal and watch inside of a hole for a glow.
  • This will tell us a lot about whats going on with the dryer and where to start to fix it.

Gas Dryer Repair – Step 1

The dryers burner assembly viewport is located in the front lower-left corner of your dryer. The little plastic square can be removed by using a flat object to pop it out.

Glow Igniter – Gas Dryer

Start the dryer as if you are doing a normal load of laundry(Minus the clothes). Depending on the location of your dryer, it may be a difficult position to get into, but get down and watch through the hole to see if the dryers glow igniter glows. The igniter will take about 30-60 seconds to start glowing. Then 30-60 seconds later the dryers igniter should ignite a flame.


  • Remove the little square
  • Start the dryer like normal
  • Wait 30-60 Seconds

What Am I Looking For?

Look directly into the little hole, you’re looking for the dryers glow igniter, it is directly inside.

Gas Dryers do not use an open flame to ignite the gas as a gas hot water heater would. Dryers do not use a clicking spark igniter as you would see in a gas stovetop either.

  • Does the Glow Igniter Glow Inside?

How a Gas Dryer Lights its Flame

Gas Dryer Glow Iigniters takes about 30 – 60 seconds to start glowing after the dryer is started. 30 – 60 seconds later the glow igniter will ignite the flame. Dryer glow igniter will turn off after about 45 seconds, you should hear a click as the dryers glow igniter divert electric current to the gas valve coils to light the burner,

Glow Igniter Lights the Gas

The glow igniter will then start fading away and the flame sensor will open electrical current to flow to the gas valve coils who then let release the gas. At this time the burner assembly will Ignite with a bluish flame.


  • Turn on your Dryer.
  • Look through the hole.
  • Wait 30 Secs.
  • What Happened Inside?

Gas Dryer – Bad Gas Valve Coils

Gas Valve Coils are the last dryer part in the heating system that is responsible for lighting the dryers flame. They are also one of the most common dryer parts to go out.

  • The average life span of gas valve coils in a dryer is about 5-10 years.
  • Gas Valve Coils cost about $5-$10.

Gas Valve Coil Troubleshooting

  • The only part you need to worry about is how to put a belt on a dryer.
  • If your glow igniter faded away after 30-60 secs and never ignites, you most likely need to change your gas valve coils. Gas valve coils go out over time and are not very hard to change.

If the Glow igniter Glows But Fades Away?

  • if the igniter glows constantly for five minutes, you’ll need to replace the flame sensor because it isn’t shutting off the igniter and never diverts current through the gas valve coil.
  • Flame Sensor Senses the glow igniter is hot enough to ignite the gas.

If your Dryers Glow Igniter Is Not Glowing

  • If your dryer doesn’t glow more times than not its the thermal fuses fault.
  • Thermal fuses go bad very frequently due to overheating because of air restriction.

Dryer Thermal Fuse

Dryer Thermal Fuses are Mandatory by Law to be installed in a dryer. There are 2,500 homes burned to the ground each year because of dryer fires. They one job is to break the connection to the gas if the dryer overheats. Dryer thermal fuses can not be fixed they have to be replaced.

Thermal Fuse

Good thing is, is they are one of the cheapest dryer parts to buy.

  • Thermal Fuses Cost only $1-$2.
  • Replacement time is 20-30 Minutes.

It is very important to find the cause, make sure to find out what caused the thermal fuse to blow out before simply replacing it.

Why Did My Thermal Fuse Blow Out?

Either the vent tube, lint trap, or wall is clogged, plugged, smashed, blocked, pinched or shut. On some occasions, the dryer is just to close to the wall to breathe.

The air in a dryer when it cant be vented out properly will quickly become too hot and overheats the thermal fuse causing it to break continuity. Imagine being in a car with the windows rolled up and the heater full blast. If your thermal fuse went out, make sure to remove or fix the air restriction that caused it. This restriction could be in the places listed above. Start with the dryer lint trap and dryer vent tube.

Gas Dryer Tip – Thermal Fuses in Gas Dryers

If the thermal fuse in a gas dryer is blown, it stops the dryer from heating, but not the spinning. A Gas Dryer will still turns on and spin, but does not let the glow igniter activate which means there will be no glowing of the glow igniter at all.

  • Thermal fuses can’t be reset must replace it.
  • Dryer thermal fuses are a safety device put there by law
  • Thermal Fuses keep your house from burning down if your dryer overheats.

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Gas Dryer Not Heating? Quickly Diagnose It! Did you just wake up and find out your dryer isn't heating and the stupid thing didn't dry your work clothes like it was supposed to?
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