Dryer Control Board

DIY/How to Replace a Control Board

This DIY/How to step-by-step guide will shows how to locate and replace the electronic control board/timer in a dryer. The electronic control board is responsible for running all of the dryer’s components, controls, displays, cycle times, and functions. 

Control Boards are Tricky

Control Boards are extra difficult and very complicated to test with a multimeter, therefore making it hard to pinpoint the control board as the source of a problem.

  • The easiest and most effective way to test a dryer control board is to check the other components first.
  • In an electric dryer, there are 5 dryer parts that control the heating.

How Do I Know It Is My Control Board?

  • Use the knowledge your about to learn to replace the electronic control board in many different dryer brands.

Unless you see obvious damage to the control board, do a detailed diagnostic before replacing the dryer control board seeing that it is the most expensive part for a dryer. 1/10 Dryer repairs are control board related. 8/10 dryers are something very simple and inexpensive to repair.

Which Brands Have Control Boards

Kenmore Dryer –  Frigidaire Dryer – Electrolux Dryers – Whirlpool  Dryer – Amana Dryer – Kirkland Dryer – Samsung Dryer – LG Dryer – GE Dryer

Just about every dryer made after 2009 have a control board in them. Pre 2009 models have what is known as a Timer.

Tools required

1/4-inch socket or a 1/4-inch hex bit.

Small flat-head screwdriver.


Work gloves(optional).

Repair difficulty

6 out of 10

Time Required:

45 minutes or less

How to replace control board on a dryer

In the next section, we will walk you through the replacement of a dryer control board. Replacing a control board is super simple and almost anyone can do it.

Step by Step Instructions:

  • Unplug the dryer. To remove the top panel. Pull the clothes dryer away from the wall.
  • On the back of the dryer, locate the two hex-head screws that secure the top panel.  Remove the screws using a 1/4-inch nut driver.
  • Slide the top panel back a half-inch – then pull the top panel up and off of the clothes dryer.

Tip: vacuum the dust and lint from the inside of the dryer

Remove the Dryers Top Plate

Remove the screws from the back of the dryer top panel. Then slide the dryer top back about a half an inch, lift up and it will come free.

  • If you slide the lid too far back it won’t release and come off.

Dryer Control Board Tabs

After removing the lid. Remove the screws that are now exposed that are holding the control board to the dryer cabinet. Release the tabs that hold the control board on, they can be found behind the dryers control board once the top panel is removed. Be Careful not to force it to come off. Release one tab at a time using a flat-head screwdriver.

Removing the Control Board Tips


Connecting the control bard wires incorrectly can damage the control board, it could hurt you or maybe even damage other dryer parts as well. If you’re unsure about the connections, have a service technician complete the repair.

Removing the Control Board

Take the connections off one at a time and attach them to the new control board so you are sure to get the connections right, or you could take a picture of the connections so you can connect the new control board correctly.

Most of the time the dryers wire clips won’t reach or fit in anywhere except the original place.

Be Gentle with Control Board Wires

Be careful these clips are fragile and some times like to hang up a little bit when taking the control plate off. The clips can be removed by squeezing them. Don’t force it, finesse it gently with a flathead screwdriver.

Replace the Control Board

Using a pocket knife or putty knife, release the locking tabs from the wire connectors. Pull the wire harness plug from the connector receptacle on the electronic control board.

Slide the Control Board to Release It

Remove the single hex head screw with a 1/4″ nut driver. Slide the electronic control board to release it from the support bracket slots.

Remove the control board from the bracket that is securing it to the dryer.

  • Install the new electronic control board.
  • Put the new control board on the bracket and slide it into the mounting slots.
  • Lock it into place so it lines up the mounting screw hole.
  • Replace the mounting screw.

Avoid overtightening by turning the screw with the nut driver until it stops.

Connect the Dryer Control BoardWires Back

  • connect the wires to the new electronic control board. Push the wire harness plug until its tab snaps into place. The plugs fit together only one way; Never force the plugs into place.
  • Put the top panel back on, push the panel forward. Insert the two screws back into it
  • Plug the dryer into the wall outlet and restore power.

If it’s a gas dryer your working on, connect and turn the gas supply back on to the dryer.

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