Roper washer wont Open? Bypass the lid lock

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Roper washer lid lock bypass trick

In the old days people were occasionally scalped or dismembered while doing the laundry because of loose hair or clothing that happened to get caught in some moving washing machine part. All that blood was difficult to clean off clothing, so something had to be done. One benefit of our overly aggressive legal system is that safety devices such as lid locks have been installed on all modern appliances allowing you to safely use your washing machine without the fear of having something you love ripped off.

Looking For whirlpool lid lock bypass?

Many of the complaints regarding the Maytag Bravos washing machines are about the lid lock. Some people have said they hate needing to wait for the lid to unlock to add a few more clothes. Thank you Whirlpool for forcing us to practice some much needed patience in this

“I want it yesterday” world. While this is slightly inconvenient and most people have enough common sense to not reach into a moving washer tub that has the ability to rip your arm off, some don’t, and we want them to keep their hands too.

The lid lock on Maytag Bravos washing machines is a two-part mechanism.  It has a magnetic switch that senses when the lid is in the closed position; it also has a locking tab that must be extended in the locked position to allow the washer to continue with any of its washing functions.  The lid lock is responsible for three possible error codes: “dU” (Door/Lid cannot unlock), “dL” (Door/Lid cannot lock) and “lid”(Lid Opened) The lid lock can be checked for resistance in it’s various states with a voltmeter at the washing machine control board.

Note: For more detailed information about door lock related error codes and diagnostic testing procedures click on the error code link.

Correct Roper Lid Lock Resistances


Resistance Unlocked

Resistance Locked

Control Contacts to Measure

Roper Motor Winding

30-40 Ω

30-40 Ω



Lock Switch-Home

Open Circuit



Roper Lock Switch-Lock

Open Circuit


Roper Lock Switch-Lid

Lid Closed = 0Ω

Lid Open = Open Circuit


(How to Use a Voltmeter)

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The Maytag Bravos water supply valve is a very large assembly of six solenoids that direct water through the detergent, bleach, and fabric softener dispensing cups as well as directly into the washer’s tub through the “fresh fill” inlet valve. The valve assembly also contains an Auto Temperature Control “ATC” thermistor that detects water temperature and adjusts the amount of hot or cold water entering the tub for optimum energy efficiency and detergent performance.  Even though the water inlet/ dispenser valve assembly on the Maytag Bravos washing machines looks complicated it is actually a fairly simple mechanism that is rare to fail.

The water inlet valve can fail in three ways.

1. The valve screens become clogged with debris and restrict water from entering the valve assembly.

2. One of the six magnetic solenoids that are responsible for opening an internal gate fails to operate when the control board energizes it, or fails to close completely when the control board stops the supply of electricity. (Valve solenoids should measure between 700-900 Ω Ohms.

3. The imbedded thermistor or “ATC” fails to properly detect water temperatures flowing through the valve assembly, giving the control board a false reading.

Note: one other common problem is related to “flood stop” water supply hoses closing internally, blocking water from reaching the washer’s valve. To correct this problem, turn off the water supply valves, disconnect the hoses from the washing machine and valves to reset the internal diaphragms.

Correct ATC Thermistor Resistances


Resistance (Ohms)


Resistance (Ohms)

50º F (10ºC)

19k-20.5k Ω

100º F (38ºC)

5.6k-5.9k Ω

60º F (16ºC)

15k-15.7k Ω

110º F (44ºC)

4.6k-4.9k Ω

70º F (21ºC)

11.7k-12.2k Ω

120º F (49ºC)

3.6k-3.8k Ω

80º F (27ºC)

9.1k-9.5k Ω

130º F (55ºC)

2.9k-3.1k Ω

90º F (32ºC)

17.2k-7.6k Ω

(How to Use a Voltmeter)

Note: For water to flow through a dispensing cup or into the washing machine’s tub two valve solenoids must be energized at a time, the primary hot and/ or cold-water inlet valves and one secondary valve. (Detergent dispenser, fabric softener dispenser, bleach dispenser, or fresh fill) “Water Valve Diagnostic Tests”

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Roper washer wont Open? Bypass the lid lock

Roper washer wont Open? Bypass the lid lock Kenmore, Whirlpool, Roper, Amana Maytag, Kirkland, Washer Lid Lock Bypass

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