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Washing Machine Repair: Water Issues

Washer have no Water, Slow Water, or Water won’t Shut Off?

If your Top Load Washing Machine Has No Water Entering the basket Check The Following

Water Inlet Valve
First check the hoses that connect to the water inlet valve.

Remove these completely there should be a metal screen in washer inlet vale(the thing the water hose is connected to on the washer) sometimes the screen is on both ends of the water hose too.

Clean these screens.
Grab a flat head screwdriver pop out the screen(s) clean them with the flathead and pop it back in.

If cleaning these out does not correct the problem you will need to check to make sure you have power going to the water inlet valve.

Most top loaders will have 120 volts going to the valve.

Check each solenoid on the valve. Normally the water inlet valve will vibrate or hum softly when its on, an easy way to tell if its working properly is to turn the machine on and check if you can hear it.

If you have a multimeter and want to test the water inlet valve for power you will need to have the washer on and turned to a fill cycle when checking.

If you have power and still no water replace the water inlet valve.

If your water doesn’t shut off with the washing machine, replace the water inlet valve.

No power to the water inlet valve replace the control.

Control / Timer

This is less likely the problem but can fail.

If you have no power going to the water inlet valve when selecting a fill cycle the timer/ control has failed and you will need to replace the timer.
Top Load Washer No Water

Washing Machine Repair: Water Water Problems Top Load Washer Overflowing - If your Top Load Washer is Over Flowing Check the Following Water Inlet Valve First check to see if water is entering the machine when it is shut off if it is, replace water inlet valve. If no water enters the machine when it is shut off the water inlet valve is not the problem. Pressure Switch The pressure switch controls the level of water in your washing machine. This does this by a small chamber on the side of the tub, this chamber fills with water which in turns creates pressure in the chamber.

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