Blown Thermal Fuse? You Must Find Out Why!!

Blown Thermal Fuse: Dryer Repair

 If the  Thermal Fuse is blown on an electric dryer, it shuts down the entire dryer. Your Dryer won’t turn on or spin.

On Gas Dryers a blown thermal fuse only prevents the dryer from heating, the dryer still turns on but won’t get hot.

Test the Dryer Thermal Fuse for Continuity

If it has no continuity or it gives an OL reading on the multimeter, replace it.

the thermal fuse is mounted on the blower fan housing it detects the temperature of the air venting from the dryer to the outdoors, it will trip if the air becomes too hot (250+ Degrees) the thermal fuse always blows out because of an air restriction in the dryer, the vent tube, or the wall, most likely either:

  • Vent Tube is Clogged
  •  The dryer was pushed to far back against the wall
  • Lint has caused a Build-Up.

Thermal Fuses are Not Repairable or Reusable

 A Dryer thermal fuse doesn’t reset when the dryer cools and must be replaced…. OR .. You could simply Bypass It. Put the two wires together and tape them and the dryer will work. The dryer thermal fuse is a safety device to help keep your house from burning down it is strongly recommended you do not bypass it just replace it. It is a very cheap part. Here’s a link.

Difficulty Level:

3 out of 10

Time Needed:

20 Mins

Changing a Thermal fuse is very cheap and is very simple. Dryer repairs only take about 30 minutes.

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