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thermal fuse-high limit thermostat - cycling thermostat - thermostat

Five Reasons Why Your Dryer Isn’t Heating & How to Fix it!

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If your dryer has suddenly stopped working, there could be a variety of explanations. We are going to go over 5 of the most common issues of a broken dryer – also I’ll give you some pro tips to help you fix your Washer or Dryer by yourself.


Something to keep in mind:

the Average Washer and Dryer repair take about 15 minutes or less.

With that being said, yes, it may seem a little overwhelming or confusing at first but with a little effort, you’ll soon realize there’s not really as much to these machines.

We are willing to answer any questions if you get stumped, Our expert repairman can walk you through almost any issue you may be having and decided to attempt it.

In this article, I am gonna cover

5 Reasons Why your Dryer isn’t Heating

1. The Dryer Isn’t Getting Proper Electricity

We know, we know—it’s obvious, but we have to say it. If your dryer isn’t working, the first thing you should check is whether or not the dryer is getting electrical power.

( You’ll need to have a voltage meter and have a little electrical knowledge to do this )

Another possibility is that the circuit breaker has tripped. Simply click it off then back on and try the dryer again. Both breakers are required to power the dryer and the heating.

Sometimes the power cord could get knocked out of place by a foreign object or perhaps a pet or a kid who shouldn’t have been playing around the dryer. Check to see that the power cord is fully plugged into the outlet.

Another issue could be your dryer cord is burned out, you could simply check record for continuity if you don’t know what time does it is clicking the link below and it will explain.

  Gas & Electric dryer

  Thermal Cutoff FuseHigh Limit ThermostatCycling ThermostatHeating ElementGas Valve CoilsFlame SensorGlow IgniterContinuity Explained

The thermal fuse and several other parts is a part that is entirely designed for safety reasons. When the dryer drum overheats, the thermal fuse will blow—signaling to the rest of the dryer to not run.

If a thermal fuse has blown, it cannot be repaired and will need to be replaced before the dryer will run properly again.

They cost only a couple dollars online, to see if the thermal fuse has blown-

3. How to Check a Thermal Fuse | Dryer Repair

Grab a quarter-inch nut driver and a multimeter, unplug the dryer, and remove the exhaust hose before you get started on this project.

Remove the back panel with the quarter-inch nut driver and then take off the two wire terminals and screws that hold the thermal fuse in place. 

you’ll need to remove it from the back panel and test it for continuity.

Place one probe of your multimeter on each of the thermal fuse’s wire terminals to test for continuity. If the multimeter does not read that there is continuity, the thermal fuse will need to be replaced.

There are a couple of other things you can check if you’ve checked the thermal fuse and it has continuity.


 Clicking any of the Below Item will Open a Video on how to Test the Part.

    In  Order from Most Likely to the Least Likely

Thermal Fuse – Gas & Electric Dryers

Heating Element – Electric Dryer Only

Gas Valve Coils – Gas Dryer Only

High Limit Thermostat – Gas & Electric Dryers

Cycling Thermostat – Gas and Electric Dryer

Flame Sensor – Gas Dryer Only

Power Supply Coming from your plug – Gas & Electric Dryers

4. Dryer Door Switch

Your dryer will only start tumbling if it’s fully latched, which is controlled by a piece called the dryer door switch. If you are closing the door fully and the dryer still isn’t starting up, it’s possible that you have a faulty dryer door switch —an easily replaceable part.

Your dryer door switch is located around the door opening indoor cut out in the front panel, although this will largely depend on the dryer model you have, most dryers install it at the top of the cut out of the frame where the door closes into. Refer to your manual if you have any problem finding the location.

To replace the dryer door switch

Then, disconnect the locking tabs for the dryer switch on the wire harness (a plastic connector piece) and unscrew the screws holding it in place with a Phillips-Head screwdriver, careful to hold onto the part so that it doesn’t fall down into the dryer.

thermal fuse-high limit thermostat - cycling thermostat - thermostat
thermal fuse-high limit thermostat – cycling thermostat – thermostat

install your new dryer switch

line up the part with the screw holes (tabs facing forward) and re-insert the screws, careful not to tighten too much. Reconnect the wire harness, plug the dryer back into the wall and to the exhaust hose and test it out

I will link a video showing you how to replace the dryer door switch.

4. The Dryer Push-to-start Switch Is Failing

Another reason why your dryer isn’t working

is if the push-to-start switch isn’t functioning properly. This switch (located at the back panel of the dryer) when working, sends an electrical signal to the motor to begin tumbling the drum, but it’s an easy part to replace if it’s started to fail. to check it you have to test it for continuity

To replace the dryer push start switch

first, unplug the dryer and disconnect it from the exhaust hose.

Remove the knob that controls the start function by pulling it straight up and then off of the front.

Get access to the back panel by removing the screw with a quarter-inch nut driver and then remove the wires that are attached to the push-to-start switch (this should correlate to where the knob is located on the front).

Remove the push-to-start switch on the back panel by releasing the locking tab as you pull it out.

Install your new push-to-start switch by pushing it into the back panel and then reconnecting the wires.

Lastly, push the control knob back in. Reconnect the dryer to power and test.

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