Dryer Troubleshooting

 If you have an electric dryer go here to troubleshoot the main causes why a dryer is not heating. Use Our Free Quick and Detailed DIY/How to Videos with tons of tips, tricks, and step by step tutorials that are simplified,  you can make the repair yourself with no experience needed and that means more money left in your pocket for you to spend on things the that really matter to you.

Common Reasons a Dryer Won’t Start:

Dryer Power Problems

Incoming power may be the problem if you have an electric dryer. Check your breakers and wall outlet. If you have a gas dryer – To check this, unplug the dryer and plug something else in the outlet like a fan. If the device won’t turn on, then a circuit breaker or fuse could be at fault.

 If the circuit breaker or fuse is functioning, then use a multimeter to check the outlet. If it turns out to be the wall outlet going to the dryer it is most likely either a Bad Breaker or Bad Receptacle Plug.

Dryer won’t Start: Thermal Fuse

A Thermal Fuse or also known as a Blower House Fuse is the most common problem. This is almost always due to a clogged dryer vent, or being pushed too far back against the wall. If it gets pushed back to far it making it not be able to ventilate properly,  or it could have a build-up of lint inside which is restricting the airflow. 

What is a Thermal Fuse

A Thermal fuse is a safety device that is mandatory by law, it protects your dryer from overheating and combusting Catching your home on Fire!. You’ll find the thermal fuse on the blower housing usually, if it’s not there, then check around the area.

 Dryer won’t Turn On: Dryer Door Switch

That clicking you hear when you shut your dryer’s door is the dryer door switch. The clicking noise means the dryer door switch is activating. If the door switch is clicking when you press it, then it’s most likely functioning. If there’s no click, you’ll need to replace the door switch.

How to Test a Dryer Door Switch

When you’re checking the dryer door switch for continuity, make sure to click the switch on the dryer door as you test it.

Tip:  if you don’t take the dryer door switch off the dryer, and keep the dryer door closed you can easily test it and get a proper reading.

Dryer Won’t Spin: Dryer Drive Belt

If your dryer motor turns on but the drum isn’t turning, you’ll want to check the drive belt. However, some dryers have a switch that turns the dryer off, and it won’t even try to turn on if the belt is broken. Either way, you’ll want to replace the drive belt.

Dryer won’t Start?: Dryer Belt Switch 
Not all dryer models have a belt switch. You’ll want to check your owner’s manual or search using your model number to see if it does.
 If there’s no hum, use a multimeter to test the switch for continuity. No continuity when it’s running? New belt switch.
Dryer Main Control Board – Gas Dryer and Electric Dryer

It’s not often that the main control board is to blame if your drying won’t work, however, if you’ve determined that all of the above parts are good, you’ll probably want to replace the main control board.

While there’s no easy test to see if it’s functioning, the main control board sometimes shows signs of burning or a shorted-out component if it’s defective.

Dryer Timer: Dryer Repair Visalia Ca.

A dryer’s timer is essentially your last hope, If none of the parts above are faulty, it may be time to replace the timer.

As with the main control board, you can’t easily test a timer to see if it’s functioning or not, if it’s not,  your best bet is to just replace it.

Unfortunately, the cost of a timer or control for either a washing machine or a dryer can be very expensive.

We suggest doing a price check before deciding to replace it or buy a new one.

Dryer Drive Motor

The dryer drive motor is what makes the dryer’s drum turn and the blower wheel to spin. If you’ve already checked the reasons 1-3 above and still haven’t found your problem.  Is your dryer motor still humming but not working? you’ll need to replace the dryer motor. Remove the belt from the motor and check the blower wheel for any obstructions. If it’s obstruction-free, the motor is probably no good and needs replacing.

Dryer Buzzes

If your dryer motor just hums when you press the start button, that’s a definite sign that there is something wrong with the motor. If you have a dryer that is only buzzing when you press start I have some good news!. Hopefully its good news for you. You may be able to stop the dryer from humming by removing an object out of the blower wheel housing. We have seen it many times where a rag or a screwdriver falls down into the lint Shute, wedges into the blower wheel causing it to become stuck and stop the motor from turning, once the object is removed the dryer starts spinning again.

If it’s your first time it will take you about 60 mins.

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