Gas Dryer Not Heating? Troubleshoot It.

559 Appliance Repair will walk you through every step, if you are not able to diagnose it with our tutorials then we will diagnose it for you!!. I’m going to assume that you understand what continuity is and how to use a multimeter if not we have a detailed video that can walk you through it. Once you find out what’s wrong with the dryer, just get on Amazon orders from LFORBB if you want the best quality parts for the best price.

Why Wouldn’t a Gas Dryer Get Hot?

 Let’s go over the reasons why a gas dryer wouldn’t heat. If you have an electric dryer go here to troubleshoot it. Main causes why a gas dryer is not heating.

Your clothes dryer may have a bad:

Flame Sensor

High Limit Thermostat

Cycling Thermostat 

broken glow Igniter

Broken high limit thermostat

 broken thermal fuse

Gas Valve Coils 

 When you find the part that’s giving you and your dryer problems follow the link here for the Highest Quality Dryer Parts – Lowest Prices – Free Shipping & 365Day Warranty.

Troubleshooting Dryer that Won’t Heat

You can easily check to see if your gas dryer parts are working correctly or not by testing them with a  multimeter for continuity.

Let the Dryer tell you whats Wrong

first thing to do when you’re having heating issues with a gas dryer is, go to the very front of the clothes dryer, if you look down at the bottom in the front you will see a little square, you can pop that out and then it becomes of viewing hole so you could see inside to where the flame sensor, combustion chamber, and the flame igniter are located.

Once you remove the square turn the dryer on then get down and look through the burner viewing window, wait about 10 to 30 secs… you should then see a glowing red orb inside, the red orb is your glow igniter.

More Troubleshooting

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