Kenmore Washer Error Codes

Kenmore top-load washer uE and UE error codes

By Lyle Weischwill

Kenmore top-load washer uE and UE error codes.
Kenmore top-load washer uE and UE error codes.

The uE and UE error codes on your Kenmore top-load washer both mean the washer won’t run the spin cycle because the load is unbalanced.

The uE and UE error codes differ slightly:

  • The uE error code appears when the washer’s electronic control board detects the unbalanced load and tries to correct the imbalance by adding water and agitating the laundry to distribute garments evenly in the spin basket. The uE code stays on while the control board runs the rebalance routing.
  • The UE error code appears if the rebalance routine fails to evenly distyribute the load after 3 attemps and the control board stops the washer.

While the uE code is displayed, you can rebalance the load manually by pressing the Start/Pause button to pause the cycle and redistributing the load by hand. Then close the washer and push Start/Pause to resume the cycle. Work quickly, because the control board cancels the cycle and drains the washer 4 minutes after you first press the Start/Pause button. If the washer drains, restart the washer in Rinse/Spin mode after redistributing the load.

If the washer displays the UE code because the washer couldn’t redistribute the load using the rebalance routine, redistribute the load evenly and then restart the washer in Rinse/Spin mode. 

Washer load too big or too small

The UE error code sometimes appears because the washer is too full for the control board to redistribute the load during the rebalance routine. In this case, remove some garments and restart the cycle in Rinse/Spin mode. In the future, loosely place items in the basket; don’t pack down the load and add more garments.

Washing a single item or small load also can cause the UE code because the washer can’t balance the items evenly in the spin basket. Pause the cycle and add a few more items to the load—to avoid starting the load from the beginning, you can add clean garments and restart in Rinse/Spin mode.

Broken suspension rod or control board

If the UE code appears when you’re washing an evenly distributed, loosely packed load a suspension rod inside the washer cabinet might have broken. If a suspension rod breaks, you’ll hear the tub banging against the cabinet sides during the spin mode. Have a service technician examine and repair the washer if you suspect a broken suspension rod is causing the UE code. The service technician typically replaces all 4 suspension rods at once to keep the tub properly balanced.

If the basket spins smoothly when the UE code appears, then you may need to replace the electronic control board because it inaccurately detects an unbalanced load.

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