LG or Samsung Dryer Repair Warranty

LG & Samsung Dryer Repair Warranty

LG & Samsung Dryer Repair Manufacturer Warranty provides a limited 1-year Repair Warranty on its Washing Machine Repair and Dryer Repair.

Like many Customers, If you’ve purchased your machine in the USA, this entitles you to a few things that should know in case anything goes wrong with your new Samsung Dryer or new LG Dryer.

Over the “first-year” after the original purchase day, LG will provide parts and labor to cover most issues –however, LG Dryer Repair Warranty does not say how quickly they will dispatch a Repairman to complete dryer repair.

If your new Samsung or LG Dryer Repair Tech requires your dryer to be picked up and transported back to his shop for whatever reason, the fee is completely upon the LG or Samsung Washer or Dryer owner.

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After one year from the original purchase, the LG warranty states that the company will provide drum motor parts for 10 years and the stainless steel drum for the lifetime of the machine.

Hopefully your not in a hurry to get the repair done.

All labor, along with any other required or damaged parts, are the responsibility of the machine owner. Your LG washing machine warranty can be useful if you need to use it within the first year, but that’s about it.

LG Dryer Repair vs. Samsung Dryer Repair

It can also be of use if you have specific drum motor or stainless drum issues – LG may be able to provide the necessary part free of charge.

If you do manage to get the spare part from LG you can turn to a 559 Appliance Repair technician to help you get it installed quickly and affordably – again, labor is not covered by the LG warranty.

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Besides, if you’re not within the first year and would like your repair performed quickly, 559 Appliance repair is a great option.

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Don’t Use to much Soap 

Samsung Washing Machine Pro Tips

Over time residue builds up inside of your Samsung washing machine and blocks communication with the machine’s sensors. Manufacturers suggest that you buy the new HE soap.

The whole thing about this new soap is it’s bubble less, i’s not supposed to make suds, and they don’t want it to make suds. Suds. As I mentioned earlier, can build up and plug your Samsung’s washing machine sensors and hoses.

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