Whats is an Operating Thermostat?

The dryer Cycling Thermostat is also known as the operating thermostat and is responsible for controlling the high limit thermostats on and off cycles.

Operating Thermostat / Cycling Thermostat

The operating thermostat rarely goes out. However, it is recommended by manufacturers that if either the high limit thermostat goes out or the cycling thermostat goes out to replace both at one time. No worries though:

  • Cycling Thermostat is also known as an Operating Thermostat
  • Cycling Thermostat and High Limit Thermostat usually come together.
  • It cost about $10 for both.
george from 559 appliance repair pointing at a dryer thermal fuse

How to test a High Limit Thermostat

A Dryers Cycling Thermostat is located right below the dryer thermal fuse, or near it. If it has no continuity or it gives an “OL reading” on the multimeter, replace it.

To test it, place one multimeter lead on the red wire (Top Wire) and the other one on the red/white wire (Bottom Wire) you should have continuity.

if you measure no continuity, the dryers operating thermostat it is defective, replace it.

2 or 4 Wire Cycling Thermostat

 If you have 4 wires on your cycling thermostat, test the top and bottom leads, not the middle leads.

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DIY/How to Do a Gas Dryer Repair

Next on the list to check if your cycling thermostat has continuity, would be the dryers high limit thermostat, before we do let’s go over the basics of a dryer high limit thermostat. We’ll go into detail about what a high limit thermostat is and what it does for the dryer. We will then show you how to check the thermal fuse and then how to replace it.

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