Washer Diagnostic Mode

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Washing Machines can Cause Serious Injury!

Diagnostic mode is performed with the washer plugged in. While the diagnostic mode is running be careful because the washer bypasses some of the washing machines’ standard safety features.

When Attempting a washer repair or diagnostic be extremely cautious, avoid electric shock and injury or death, washers are dangerously fast-and have many moving parts!

#whirlpool #Washer #repair #diy #free http://559appliancerepair.com Pausing the machine will allow you to open the lid.

During the spin cycle, pausing the washer does unlock the lid, but you must wait until the basket has completely coasted down to a stop before the lid unlocks, for safety reasons. Depending upon the speed at which the washer was spinning, when it is paused (and depending on the size of the load being washed), it could take as much as 3 minutes to coast to a stop and then unlock.

Are you Searching: How do I unlock a washer? my washer won’t open? How to open a washer? Are your Washer lid lock lights blinking?

Make sure the washer is paused (press Start/Pause). During the spin cycle, this can take up to 3 minutes for the basket to stop spinning and allow you to open the lid. Unplug the washer for a minute to reset. If this doesn’t help, service may be required.

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Lid Locking (or not Locking) on your Whirlpool Top Load HE Washer? Is the lid closed and locking? Your previous washer may have filled and washed with the lid open.

Some newer washers will not fill or wash with the lid open. The lid must be closed for the washer to fill with water, wash, drain, rinse and spin the load. Close the washer lid before starting the washer. Some will fill with the lid open, but will not advance if the lid remains open. The washer will drain after 10 minutes if the lid remains open. Some models have lights on the console which show when the lid lock is locked. When lit, the lid is locked and cannot be opened without pausing the cycle. When the light is off, the lid can be opened.

Washer Lid Lock Lights. Check your Use and Care Guide to determine how your washer lid operates. If you would like to download or view product literature for your appliance, please visit our Manuals and Literature page. https://www.whirlpool.com/services/ma…


TOP LOAD WASHER LID LOCK – WASHING MACHINE LID LOCK BLINKING LIGHT, WASHER IS STUCK Starting in 2015, top-load washers feature a lid lock that engages when the washer is either load-sensing before and during fill, or when it is spinning above 50 RPM. You cannot set the washer to lock for the entire cycle. Models with Precise Fill (load sensing) will lock during the load sensing period and during the spin cycle. Models without Precise Fill only lock during the spin cycle.

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Whirlpool Cabrio Washer Diagnostic Test Mode:

Step 1.

The Cabrio Washer needs to be plugged in and in stand by mode (OFF) with all indicator lights off.

Step 2.

Choose any button on the washer console except:

Start ButtonPower  ButtonStop Button

Press/Hold 3 Seconds

 Release 3 Seconds

Press/Hold 3 Seconds

Release 3 Seconds

Press/Hold 3 Seconds

Step 3.

If diagnostic test mode has been entered correctly, all of the indicator lights will glow for five seconds with 88 on the time display.

Step  4.

Count as you hold the button and release, one-one thousand…Two-one thousand…Three-one thousand).

  (If the diagnostic mode did not work – try it again)

When done correctly all of the Cabrio washers lights will flash

Press the power button and verify that the button you were using operates properly, make sure there is not anything wrong with the washer control panel button, chose another button on the washers control panel that you know works and try to enter the diagnostic mode again.

You may also want to make sure that the control board or timer has a good connection to the washing machine control board at the P11 terminal.

Note: Pressing the STOP or POWER button at any time to exit the washer’s diagnostic mode.

Maytag Bravos Manual Diagnostic Test Mode

Perform steps 1 and 2 for the activation of the Bravos and Cabrios automatic diagnostic test mode then press the same button one more time while 88 is on the washing machine display for 5 seconds. 

Pressing the “STOP” or “POWER” button at any time to exit the washing machine’s diagnostic mode.

Note: If the button is not pressed within the 5 seconds that the 88 is displayed the automatic diagnostic test mode will begin after any saved fault/ error codes are displayed.

If the manual diagnostic test mode was entered correctly you will hear a single beep and a 2 digit console ID# is displayed for 3 seconds followed by 00 and the “add a garment” indicator light will flash.

If no 2 digit console ID# code is displayed you may need to replace the user interface, but try to run the rest of the test anyway.

Note: If no buttons are pressed on the washing machine within 5 minutes the washer will exit the manual diagnostic test mode and enter the normal standby mode.

Washer Water Level Sensor Calibration

Pressing and holding the “Cycle Signal” button until a single beep is heard and the display displays “Pt” for zero calibration can recalibrate the water level sensor. (All clothing and water must be out of the washing machine’s tub for proper calibration.

Washing Machine Water Inlet Valves Valves

Important Note: When manually opening the water valves in the diagnostic mode the water valves WILL NOT automatically be turned off by the pressure-sensing switch.  Don’t go make a sandwich with water flowing into the washing machine’s tub or your house will become a swimming pool!

By turning the cycle selection knob or selecting a particular cycle setting then pressing the “Start” button you can manually energize a secondary dispenser valve to test if it is working properly. Pressing the “Start” button a second time will turn the valve off.

Pressing the “Wash/Rinse Temp” Selection button will energize the primary hot and cold water valves. The appropriate water valve will open for your selection.
Hot + Start = Opens the hot valve
 Cold + Start = Opens thecold valve
 Warm + Start = Opens the both hot and cold valves.

Note: For water to enter the tub at least one primary and one secondary valve must be opened. Just the Fresh, Detergent, Bleach, or Fabric softener valve solenoids by themselves will not release water into the washer tub.

    Pressing the “Start” button will turn the valve on and off
Select Cycle With Knob or Button Valve Solenoid Energized
Whites/Whites + Start Fresh Fill
Heavy Duty + Start Detergent
Normal + Start Fabric Softener (not all models)
Casual + Start Bleach

Washer Recirculation & Drain Pump Tests:

Note: Washer water Pumps move water out of the Appliance… so these tests work best if you have filled the washing machine tub with some water using the Maytag Bravo and Whirlpool Cabrio’s washer water valve.

To manually activate the Washers Recirculation pump on the Maytag Bravos Washing Machine, press and release the:

 “Clean Washer”

“Drain & Spin button”

 “Select the Clean Washer”

 “Drain & Spin Button”

 Press Start.


“Clean Washer”, “Drain & Spin”, or “Start” button a second time will turn the recirculation pump off. 


“Clean Washer”

“Drain & Spin”

“Start Button”

again will turn on the washers drain pump. Pressing the “Clean Washer”, “Drain & Spin”, or “Start Button” button a fourth time will turn the Whirlpool Cabrio or Maytag Bravos Electric Water Drain Pump off.

Lid Switch Test:

 Opening the washing machine lid should cause the:

 “Clothes Clean”


Indicator lights to turn off. 

 Closing the lid should cause the:

 “Clothes Clean”


Washers Indicator lights to turn on.

Washer Lid Lock Test:

Note: Washer Lid must be closed when doing this test or an invalid button noise will be heard.

To Lock the lid press and release:

 “2nd Rinse” button


“Extra Rinse” button

 the door lock light will come on. 

To unlock the washers lid press the:

 “2nd Rinse”

 “Extra Rinse”

 button a second time, the washers door lock light will turn off.

Washer Motor Tests:

Note: Water should be covering the wash plate or agitator vanes to allow the inner basket to float and disengage from the basket hub for all motor tests.

See Washer Manual Water Valve Diagnostic Tests. 

Problems with any of the motor tests are most often related to something lodged between the inner and outer washers wash baskets creating friction, bad wire connections, broken wires, or control problems.

Washer Rotor Position Sensor (RPS):

The three rinse and spin indicators are used to detect the three-rotor position sensors located on the washing machine’s motor stator. 

 As the washers, inner wash basket rotates so does the rotor.  Lift the lid and manually rotate the inner tub as the tub turns these three lights should cycle on and off indicating that the RPS is correctly detecting the position and speed of the rotor.

Washer Spin Cycle:

Note: to activate the whirlpool Cabrio or Maytag Bravos washer spin cycle, the lid of the washer must be closed and the lid lock engaged.

See Lid Lock Tests.

 If the lid is not closed or locked an invalid key beep will sound.  Also, the washer’s tub must be floating for this test to work properly.  To start the washing machine spinning at 23 rpm press:

 “Spin Speed”

 “Water Level”

“Load Size buttons”

  Press the same button again to accelerate to 530 rpm.

Press the same button again to accelerate to 1000 rpm. Pressing the same button a fourth time will turn off the motor.  You will also notice the RPS sensing lights are active during all washer motor tests.

Washer Agitate Cycle:

To manually start the washing machine’s agitation press and release the:

 “Soil Level”

 button once for the gentle wash action, a second time for the normal action, a third time for the Heavy wash action, and a fourth time to turn the motor off.

Washer Console & Indicator Diagnostic Test Mode

The Washers Console and indicator diagnostic test on a Maytag Bravos Washing Machine or Whirlpool Cabrio is used to check the:

Washers cycle selector knob, Washer console indicators, Washer user interface button, Washers two-digit display, and washers beeper.

Step 1.

The Maytag or Whirlpool washing machine should be in standby (off) mode.

Step 2.

Press and release the following washer buttons within 4 seconds.

“Soil Level” and “Wash/Rinse Temp”

Step 3.

if successful “dt” should display on the washing machines indicator.

Step 4.

Within 5 seconds press the “Start button” all of the washers indicator lights should come on and 88 should be displayed.

Step 5.

Press start again to turn off the status indicators and the two-digit display, all other indicators should remain lit on the washer.

Step 6.

Press “Start” again to turn all of the washers indicator lights back on. Rotating the cycle selector knob back and forth should turn the corresponding lights off or on.

Pressing buttons should also toggle lights on and off to verify they are working properly.  By Pressing:

 “Soil Level”

 “Spin Speed

 “Water Level”

 “Load Size”

 “Wash/Rinse Temp”.

Pushing the Buttons correctly on the washer should light up all indicators for that selection.

Maytag Bravos Error Codes

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