Top Load Washer Noisy? Here’s How to Fix It

If your Top Load Washer is Noisy Check the Following

If your washing machine is shaking and its “not” sitting flat ( should have no rock corner to corner) check the leveling legs. The washers leveling legs usually just twist one way to raise them and twist the other way to lower them.

Do one at a time. Make sure to tighten up the locknut after adjusting them if your washer has them.

Sometimes a washing machine Timer will start making noises before they fail.

I would highly suggest replacing the timer as soon as the noise develops.

This can cause problems with your motor and other components if left alone. This is easy to identify just listen up near the console when running.

The transmission does not usually fail but to check this on a direct drive washer remove the washers motor and rotate the inner tub of the washer and listen for noises it should be quiet.

If not the transmission is expensive and you will need to evaluate whether it is worth repairing the washer or is it better just to replace it.

Motor Couplings
On direct drive Washing Machines this is a common for the motor couplings to go out and when they do they can be very noisy.

To check and replace the motor coupler watch the video.

You will need to disassemble the washer to listen to the motor running.

If the motor is noisy it will need replacing.

On direct drive washers check the motor coupler first.

Suspension Rods
The Suspension Rods support the tub under the cabinet on some models.

The washer must be disassembled to access.

These usually do not fail.

On direct drive washing machines there will be springs instead of suspension rods. The suspension springs hardly fail, but the suspension rods commonly fail. Usually from being overloaded.

Newer washing machines tend to have suspension rods while older washers tend to have the springs.

Drain Pump
The drain pump can be the cause of noise.

On belt drive types remove the belt and rotate the pump pulley it should spin freely and make no noise.

If it is noisy replace.

If it does not spin freely remove and inspect for obstructions if none found replace the pump.

Check the impeller on the pump it should be tight and spin freely. On direct drive types remove the pump and inspect or replace.
Top Load Washer Noisy: Washing Machine Loud?

Top Load Washer Noisy: Washing Machine Loud? It could be the: Drain Pump, Motor Couplings, Motor, Suspension Rods, Drain Pump, The Level, Timer, Transmission

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