Why Does my Washer have Mold and How can I Get Rid of It? ?

If your Top Load Washer Smells Check the Following

The problem is the machine is not draining completely. It needs to be sanitized or the coin catcher is full.

You will need to access the drain pump to check the coin catcher. Check this for obstructions and that it spins freely. Some models have a small door in the lower front panel.

If there are no obstructions but the tub is still holding some remaining water replace the pump or find the blockage if there is excess water in the washers drain tube.

Check the washers drain hose for obstructions, the water pump, and water pump hoses as well. Make sure drain hose fits loosely in the drain standpipe.

The standpipe is your homes drain. If the water is having an issue going into the pipe it may flood. If this happens its the houses pipe that has issues not the washer itself.

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