the DO's and DONT's of Buying a NEW APPLIANCE!!

In this day and age, everyone desires to shop for the new fads, styles, and fashions, this includes your washing machines, dryers, refrigerators and other equipment for your home.

Buying a home appliance is not a small nor is it an easy buy.

Our appliances are very high priced items, but we buy them anyways because they significantly make our life simpler.

We actually in a way "need them" not just today or tomorrow, we need them for many years to come so getting wiser or even trained on them is something that won't be a waste of time...

it will prove to be exceedingly helpful time and time again.

while shopping for a new appliance, it never hurts to be cautious to make sure you get the "quality" and "quantity" for your "hard earned money". Always buy according your households needs based off of the amount of people using it.

Before shopping for home appliances,

make sure to keep in mind every member of your family, the size of the area the appliance is gonna go and most importantly your budget.

Also keep in mind, enough room for your food is one thing... but what about bottles of juices, waters, beers, wine and other drinks?

It's also in your best interest for you know which appliance brands fit your budget, for example Samsung and LG are more pricier than whirlpool and Kenmore because they are designed to have more functions and provide a richer user experience.

All of these functions are not necessary,

they are luxury features, not getting them can save you tons of money.

Now and in the future on repairs. The internet is the best source of rich information such as reviews, comments, concerns, coupons, rebates.

Put in the right searches and you'll have all the info you need right at your fingertips!

Research the appliance you may want

You can go online and research the "many" advantages and disadvantages of the newest functions, accessories, and cycles, such as "steam dry" for dryers and wifi controlled washers and many more.

Did you know Refrigerators can come voice activated? washers can be controlled from at work? vacuums can vacuum by themselves?...

My question to you is which functions, settings, or accessories are you looking to buy?

Do you have money to burn or are you on a budget?

We all know it is very beneficial to read customer feedback and reviews of products beofre we buy them.

You can almost always visit the manufacturer's website to discover new models, offers, rebates, recalls or even to see reviews. Be careful! If the appliance is super new you may not be able to see any reviews.

Prior to buying or purchasing an appliance do a little window shopping online or in person.

When you found the product or brand your interested in go online to find more information about it, like functions, energy usage, recalls, size, life expectancy, also find out if it has planned obsolescence.

Read the product warranty

Nobody loves to think about damages, defects or issues that his or her appliance will have in the future... However, death to your appliance will happen. And it will happen fast! Planned obsolescence and defects run rampant in america.

The best thing you can do for you and your family is to get the biggest and best warranty offered. You know those times you buy a warranty and never even need it? Yea appliances are not like that!

I promise you you'll need it!

it's very critical to examine the manufacture's guarantee coverage to have a good idea which components of the appliance is covered, for example down at home depot washing machines have a beautiful big shiny sticker that guarantees the machine with a 10 year warranty.


If you get really close and squint real hard.... you can read at the bottom of the sticker where it states the 10 year warranty is on the washers drive motor only nothing else on the machine is covered.

Get Freebies and Installation

Ask for complimentary items which are required in connecting the appliance you've just bought.

As an example, you want a voltage stabilizer for ac, water hoses for the washer, a cord for the electric dryer, water line and filter for the refrigerator etc.

Most of the time you can get a manager to throw it in discounted or even for free!

Installation is sometimes free but most cases it is not. Installing almost all appliances are simple and can be done by even by a small woman with no experience at all!