Vacuum Repair Guide

If your vacuum isn't picking up dirt, don't just sweep the problem under the rugβ€”find free vacuum repair help from the experts.

Whether the vacuum shuts off during use or has poor suction, we have the troubleshooting tips to help. Click on the symptom below that describes your vacuum failure to get troubleshooting help.

Once you determine which replacement part you need, use our step-by-step, illustrated repair guides to help you install the part and have your vacuum cleaning up in no time. Find answers to common questions, maintenance tips and more on our articles and video page.

To find the owner’s manual or a complete list of replacement parts for your vacuum, search for your model number.

Symptoms common to all vacuums

Vacuum Cleaner Types:

Shuts off during use

Main causes: on/off switch, short in the wires, bad motor

Won't turn on

Main causes: lack of power, bad power cord, drive motor failure, wiring failure

Not suctioning well

Main causes: weak suction motor, vacuum bag is full, clog in suction air path, dirty exhaust filter, leaky vacuum hose

Brush roll not spinning

Main causes: broken drive belt, damaged brush roll, tripped brush roll motor overload, bad brush roll motor, wiring failure