Cleaning the drain pump filter

front-load washer with no access door

Cleaning the drain pump filter

Hi, this is Wayne with Sears Parts Direct. Today we're going to talk about how to remove and clean the drain pump filter on a front-load washer that does not have an access door. Some front-load washers have a small access door near the bottom of the front panel to open and remove the filter for cleaning. Some don’t.

On this kind, you’ll need to remove the toe panel to access the drain pump filter. The drain filter traps lint and other debris. A dirty or clogged filter will cause the washer to stop in mid-cycle. You may see all the lights on your washer flashing, or if you know how to check error codes, you could look those up in your tech sheet.

Access the filter

To keep this from happening, remove and clean the drain pump filter once a month. First, make sure the washer is empty and then disconnect the power by unplugging the washer or by turning off the house circuit breaker. Next, remove the screws from the bottom of the toe panel. Pull the bottom away from the washer, slide the panel down and set it aside. Now, place a towel on the cabinet base in front of the drain pump to collect any water that may come from the filter cover when you pull it out. Grasp the handle on the front of the filter cover, rotate it counterclockwise and then pull the filter out for cleaning.

Clean the filter and seal

Check inside the filter housing for any debris. Rinse the filter clean. Remove the rubber seal and clean that, too. Replace the seal if it's damaged to prevent water leakage. Reinstall the rubber seal before putting the filter back into place. Insert the filter back into the housing. The filter has a positioning tab that has to face upward to match the corresponding slot in the filter housing. Once the filter is properly seated, hand-tighten the cover by turning it clockwise and reinstall the toe panel. Check and clean your filter monthly to avoid damage and to keep your washing machine working.

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