Top Load Washing Machine Repair

Do It Yourself: TOP LOAD Washing machine repair Guide

Whether your top-load washer won't start or it won't drain and spin the load, we have the troubleshooting help you need o get the washer fixed.

Washing Machine Repair Made Easy

Choose a symptom below to figure out what's wrong with your washer.

Refer to our top-load washer error codes and step-by-step washer repair guides for help replacing your washer's broken part. Get DIY tips and tricks for repairing and maintaining your top-load machine on our washer articles and videos page.

Washer Owner Manual

Locate the the manual that is embedded into the appliance. You can usually find the manual inside the control panel, or attached to the inside of the washing machines cabinet, most commonly it can be found in front of the washer right at a users waist area glued to the inside of the cabinet.

If you cant find the owner’s manual for your top-load washer, search for your model number on google a few times it should pop right up.

(VMW) Vertical Modular Washing Machines

Look up your machine's error code on our washer error code charts to get troubleshooting tips and find out which part to replace. This video also shows you (VMW) Vertical Modular Washing Machines.

Dont know if you have a new or old washing machine?

Its pretty simple ... Is it digital or non-digital? Most common washer sold has 6 lights in a row on the control panel like in this picture:

Complete the Repair

Once you find out what's broken, check out our step-by-step washer repair guides to see how to replace the part. To find the owner’s manual or a complete list of replacement parts for your washer, search for your model number. Before you know it, you'll be back doing the one thing we can't help you withβ€”actually washing your laundry!

Troubleshooting Videos and Articles

Our troubleshooting videos and articles can help you diagnose the cause of common problems, including a top-load washer that won't drain or spin or a top-load washer that won't fill.

Washer Water Pump

If you hear coins or other items rattling in the drain pump of your Top-load washer, you can learn how to clean out the drain pump filter and stop the rattling that happens when the washer drains.