Door Switch

How to replace a dryer door switch

The step-by-step dryer repair guide explains how to replace a dryer door switch.

The door switch sends a signal to the electronic control board to stop the dryer when you open the door. If the door switch fails, the dryer won't start when the door is closed. To quickly test the door switch, open the dryer door and press the door switch lever.

If the dryer drum light stays on, the door switch is faulty. Replace the door switch.

The video below shows a gas dryer, but the repair is the same for propane dryers and electric dryers.

Use these steps to replace the door switch in Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Roper, Crosley and Estate dryers with a lint screen housing located in the top cabinet panel.

Replacing a door switch in a dryer

This video explains how to replace the door switch in a dryer.

Remove the lint screen

  • Pull the lint screen out of the housing in the top panel of the dryer.

Remove the lint screen housing screws

Use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the 2 screws that secure the lint screen housing to the top panel.

Raise the cabinet top

To release the clips that lock the top of the dryer in place, push a putty knife under the lid near the left and right edges of the front of the dryer. Lift the top and prop it securely against the wall behind the dryer.

Disconnect the door switch wire harness

Use a slot screwdriver to release the locking tab on the wire harness plug for the door switch. Disconnect the wire harness.

Remove the door switch

Remove the mounting screws from the existing door switch. Pull the door switch out of the dryer and set it aside for disposal.

Install the new door switch

Insert the new door switch and secure it with the mounting screws.

Connect the wire harness.

Plug the wire harness for the new switch into the connection plug. Make sure the locking tab engages.

Reassemble the dryer

Lower the top panel and snap it into place. Reinstall the screws in the lint duct housing and reinstall the lint screen

Restore power to the dryer

Plug the dryer into the wall outlet. If it's a gas dryer, turn on the gas supply to the dryer.