Dryer Thermal Fuse

Electric Dryer Thermal Fuse Replacement

How to replace a thermal fuse in an electric dryer

This video explains how to replace the thermal fuse in an electric dryer.

How to replace a thermal fuse in an electric dryer

This step-by-step dryer repair guide shows how to replace the thermal fuse on an electric dryer. The thermal fuse is a safety component that trips if the air flowing through the dryer drum overheats. A blocked exhaust vent is the most common reason the air overheats.

When the thermal fuse blows in an electric dryer, the display lights still work but the drive motor won't run. You can't reset the thermal fuse; if it's blown, replace it.

These steps work for replacing the thermal fuse on Kenmore, Whirlpool, Maytag, Amana, Roper, Crosley and Estate electric dryers with a lint screen housing located in the top cabinet panel.

We also have instructions for replacing the thermal fuse in a gas dryer.

Remove the back panel

Move the dryer forward and use a 1/4-inch nut driver to remove the screws from the back panel. Remove the back panel from the dryer and set it aside.

Tip: While you have the back of the cabinet open, vacuum lint and dust from the cabinet.

Remove the fuse

Pull the wires off of the thermal fuse. Remove the mounting screw using a 1/4" nut driver. Pull the fuse off of the blower housing.

Install the new thermal fuse

Position the new fuse and secure it with the screw. Push the wires onto the connection spades on top of the new thermal fuse. It doesn’t matter which wire goes into which terminal on the thermal fuse.

Reattach the back panel

Position the back panel on the back of the dryer. Line up the mounting screw holes. Insert the mounting screws and tighten them firmly.

Plug in the dryer

Plug the dryer into the wall outlet to restore electrical power.

Clean the exhaust vent

To prevent the thermal fuse from blowing again soon, remove the flexible vent in the back of the dryer and clean the inside of the flexible vent hose. Clean the air duct going to the outside of your home with a duct cleaning brush. Vacuum the area to clean up dust.